Vegetable Purée Soup and unleavened bread with smoked reindeer
Asparagus Soup and Baguette
False Morel Soup and Unleavened Potato bread
Blue cheese-Smoked Reindeer Soup and Unleavened Barley bread
Gipsy Soup and Carrot Baguette

Green Salad and Unleavened bread with Smoked Reindeer
Cabbage-Squash Salad and Cheese bars
Cabbage-Lingonberry salad and Baguette
Feta salad and Unleavened Barley bread
Smoked Fish salad and Herb Baguette
Smoked Reindeer salad and Carrot Bread

Roe and blinis
Slightly salted Whitefish Rosette
Slightly Salted Trout Rosette
Smoked Reindeer Tongues
Smoked Reindeer Rolls filled with Mushroom Salad
Deep-fried Cod Tongues
King Crab Plate
Garlic Escargot